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Management and maintenance of buildings

The maintenance and management of the residential building requires a great deal of knowledge and professional experience that the house holds usually do not have. Avilia provides comprehensive and advanced management, maintenance and renovation services for residential buildings, luxury towers, commercial buildings and private customers.

Avilia has extensive experience in real estate management, and uses the best professionals and sub-contractors.
Avilia's knowledge and experience will reduce the long-term maintenance costs of the building and will increase the quality of life of the tenants in daily life.

The services provided by Avilia include the management and supervision of its sub-contractors. Both in the public areas and for the apartment owners into the residential apartment, including care and maintenance for all systems and spaces that support the building and residential apartments, including cleaning, landscaping, fire detection and extinguishing, electricity, elevators, pumps and water reservoirs, paint, plaster, plumbing and sewer, flooring, kitchens, General renovations, insurance and security, all with a quick response around the clock. Avilia has a team of planners and architects who provide a solution to the needs of the building and the apartment owner at all stages of the planning, as required.

All of the above has been done so far by the residents themselves, however due to the lack of time devoted by the residents and sometimes due to the lack of experience and professionalism in the ongoing care and maintenance, the results are not optimal and deficient. Therefore, we witness that more and more residential buildings are being professionally managed by management companies that specialize in the field of building maintenance, companies that are responsible for the care of everything related to the building and its maintenance.