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Avilia Real Estate Group

The Avilia Real Estate Group consists of a number of privately owned companies and partnerships and has been engaged in various fields in the real estate industry for about 40 years.
The group owns tens of thousands of built square meters for leased offices, high-tech, commerce, gas stations and industry and has reserve of additional tens of thousands of square meters for future development. the group is engaged in the planning and construction of projects for housing, industry, employment, commerce and the management and maintenance of buildings.

Avilia manages and maintains all the buildings it owns and in addition provides a similar service to the housing and residential industry.
Avilia Group is managed by a professional team with extensive knowledge and experience in the field of real estate. The group enjoys financial strength that allows it to promote projects on a large scale. Every project that the Avilia Group deals with employs the best consultants, planners and contractors. Avilia Group is involved in the planning and improvement of land in projects in which it is involved.